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Rotem Kimhi

Rotem Kimhi has extensive experience in property and real estate law, including representing many clients in property and real estate transactions, sale and purchase of second hand properties, purchase of properties from contractors, acquisition of rights through purchasing groups, combination transactions, land acquisitions, representation in the process of appraisals and tenders, representing contractors and other similar dealings.

Rotem has vast experience in leading complex urban renewal projects such as “Tama 38” and “evacuation and construction” projects, including all of the project's ongoing agreements and legal consultation. In some of these projects he has represented contractors and entrepreneurs, and in others he has represented tenants.


As part of his work, Rotem conducts comprehensive due diligence examinations for potential assets, assists and advises in the fields of taxation and transaction finance. He assists with building plans and business structures of complex and sensitive projects. Among other services, Rotem assists many foreign clients who do not live in Israel in purchasing Israeli properties and manages them in trust for owners who are not in the country.


In the framework of representation in various deals, Rotem has conducted many complex negotiations, and succeeded in bridging disputes, finding creative solutions, rehabilitating and bringing to fruition transactions and projects that had been abandoned or reached an impasse.

Additionally, Rotem advises companies and individuals and provides legal guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses at the stage of establishing a business, establishing companies in the Registrar of Companies, preparing commercial contracts, agreements between shareholders, and the similar processes.

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